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Ramapuram Holdings has seen over three generations of Coffee and Spice planters over the last 100 years. Their rich experience in high-quality farm produce is brought to you in the form of Sidapur Fine Coffees and Malabar Coast range of authentic spices & natural produce.


Sidapur Fine Coffees aspires to awaken the connoisseur in you by creating a genuinely inspiring coffee experience. From an array of premium quality coffees to carefully selected coffee accessories and gifts, it is the complete gourmet Coffee Experience.


The Malabar Coast, being a treasure trove of spices situated on the western coast of South India, was the originating point of the ancient spice route between the east and the west. Aptly named Malabar Coast, House of Ramapuram Foods (P) Ltd., part of Ramapuram Holdings, brings you a range of superior quality spices reminiscent of the enchanting scents and tastes of ancient India.