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Ramapuram Holdings believes that every person is entitled to a life of dignity, with opportunities to realise their full potential through access to sound healthcare, quality education and a secure livelihood. Through the Thomas E. Ramapuram Memorial Charitable Trust, Ramapuram Holdings endeavours to provide a Life of Dignity to the disadvantaged in the communities that surround their operations.


Ramapuram Holdings sees support for general health as a valuable and necessary social intervention in a population still struggling with poverty and poor living conditions. Through the Thomas E. Ramapuram Memorial Charitable Trust (TER Trust), Ramapuram Holdings’ primary support areas are for Dialysis patients and Destitute Homes. 


Taking inspiration from the proverbial maxim, “It is better to teach a man how to fish than to feed him lifelong”, Ramapuram Holdings has looked at Education as a vehicle of progress. We believe that Education is the key to transforming lives. Therefore, Ramapuram Holdings supports the TER Trust in funding their school, government school adoption programme, and scholarships to uplift the local communities surrounding our operations. 


In addition to structured contributions towards education and health, Ramapuarm Holdings through the TER Trust supports various programmes that improve the quality of life of the underprivileged among the communities that surround our operations, making the dream of universal well-being more tangible.