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Ramapuram Holdings is the umbrella for all businesses and charities founded by Mr. Thomas Emmanuel Ramapuram and his descendants. Operating under a sense of stewardship, we at Ramapuram Holdings consider it our responsibility to enhance the wealth entrusted to us for the greater good of humanity, always adhering to the highest levels of integrity.


This story is about the journey of the Ramapuram Family over the last 130 years. From Emmanuel Thomas Ramapuram, a lawyer, freedom fighter and entrepreneur, born in 1889, to what is today, a large organization of over 1200 people, built on a solid foundation of values and ethics.


Thomas E. Ramapuram inculcated a core set of values in his family by advocating the virtues of ‘Integrity’ and ‘High Thinking & Simple Living’ through his life. These became the cornerstones of the Ramapuram family philosophy and, later, the corporate ethics at Ramapuram Holdings.


Ramapuram Holdings is headquartered in Bengaluru, India, and comprises various companies across four verticals. Its core business interests are in Plantations, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Real Estate.


The Ramapuram Family believes that every person is entitled to a life of dignity, with opportunities to realise their full potential through access to sound healthcare, quality education and a secure livelihood.